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Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits

Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits

  • Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits
  • Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits
Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Ding Shen
Model Number: DS-FDD30W
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: International packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 works days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Frequency:: 675MHz (other Frequencies Customized) Ba921600bps Maxud Rate:: 921600bps Max
RF Power:: 45dBm (32 Watt) Transfer Rate:: 2x30 Mbit/s Uplink And Downlink
Encryption:: AES 128 Bits Dimension:: 320*210*110mm

Two Way Communication COFDM IP Ethernet Transceiver for Fire fighting / Drone




DS-FDD30W is a high power Wireless Network Transceiver based on COFDM modulation. It's special designed for Vehicle or Unmanned control vehicle in need for robust video wireless communcation and data control through IP network.


FDD-COFDM, using COFDM multi carrier modulation and demodulation technology is a new type of full duplex communciation system used in NLOS mobile transmission application. Supporting non-line of sight (NLOS) distance transmission. It uses transparent IP data to provide a balance and stable high-speed data rate up link(30Mbit/s)and downlink(30Mbit/s).


Implement of super narrowband (1MHz), low-latency and high-sensitivity capacity that is ideal for long-distance transmission and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications .With highly integrated embedded design, super-linear digital predistortion RF design and network, modulation and demodulation, full-band RF output All-in-One which help you complete the design of long-distance wireless links more conveniently and quickly.


Technical advantages of wireless ad hoc networks

Wireless ad hoc network communication, with its flexible communication methods and powerful transmission capabilities, has the following characteristics:

A. Large-scale and rapid network construction and flexible networking

On the premise of ensuring power supply, it is not restricted by the deployment of supporting facilities such as computer rooms and optical fibers. There is no need to dig trenches, dig walls, or run pipes and wires. The construction investment is small, the difficulty is low, and the cycle is short. It can be deployed and installed flexibly in a variety of ways indoors and outdoors to achieve fast network construction without a computer room and at low cost. Centerless distributed networking supports point-to-point, point-to-many and many-to-many communications, and can build arbitrary topology networks such as chain, star, mesh, and hybrid dynamic.

B. Destruction-resistant and self-healing dynamic routing and multi-hop relay

Rapid movement, increase or decrease of equipment nodes, corresponding network topology updates in seconds, dynamic reconstruction of routes, real-time intelligent updates, and multi-hop relay transmission between nodes.

C. Support high-speed movement, high-bandwidth, and low-latency adaptive transmission that resists multipath fading.

D. Interconnection and cross-network integration

The all-IP design supports the transparent transmission of various types of data, interconnects with heterogeneous communication systems, and realizes the interactive integration of multi-network services.

E. Strong anti-interference with smart antenna, smart frequency selection, and autonomous frequency hopping

Time domain digital filtering and MIMO smart antenna effectively suppress out-of-band interference. At the same time, it supports intelligent frequency selection working mode. When the device is networked and the working frequency is interfered with, it can intelligently select a frequency point without interference for network transmission, effectively avoiding random interference, and supporting autonomous frequency hopping working mode, providing Any group of working channels within the working frequency band can jump synchronously at high speed across the entire network, effectively avoiding malicious interference. In addition, FEC forward error correction and ARQ error control transmission mechanisms are used to reduce the packet loss rate of data transmission and improve the effectiveness of data transmission.

F. Security encryption

Fully independent research and development, customized waveforms, algorithms and transmission protocols. Air interface transmission uses 64bits keys, which can dynamically generate scrambling sequences to achieve channel encryption. Supports DES56/AES128/AES256 source encryption to enhance security. Provides hardware encryption such as chips, TF cards and security machines.

G. Industrial design, professional manufacturing, high reliability of red and blue hot standby

The equipment adopts Swiss LEMO aviation plug interface, which has strong vibration resistance and strictly meets the anti-vibration operation requirements of motorized transportation. It has an IP66 protection level and a wide operating temperature range, which can meet the harsh outdoor all-weather working environment.

H. Easy operation and convenient operation and maintenance

Provide vent and maintenance. It has real-time monitoring, GIS map and other functions, and supports remote software upgrade/configuration/hot restart.

3. Point-to-point, point-to-many and many-to-many large-range, high-speed, and low-latency transmission of real-time data, high-definition video, and clear voice

Wireless ad hoc network radio is signifarious network ports, serial ports and Wi-Fi AP, mobile devices, computers or PADs, local or remote login terminal system software, operation managemicantly used in non-visual (NLOS) multipath fading environments, key communications of video/data/voice:

² Robot/unmanned vehicle, reconnaissance/surveillance/anti-terrorism/monitoring

² Air-to-air & air-to-ground & ground-to-ground, public safety/special operations

² Urban network, emergency support/normal patrol/traffic management

² Inside and outside the building, fire fighting/rescue and disaster relief/forest/civil air defense/earthquake

² TV broadcast wireless audio and video/event live broadcast

² Marine communications/ship-to-shore high-speed transmission

² Low deck wireless network/ship landing

² Mine/tunnel/basement connection



Model DS-FDD30W
Power supply DC28V/6.8A
TX output frequency 675MHz (can be customized 300-3300MHz), 1MHz increment
RX output frequency 715MHz (can be customized 300-3300MHz), 1MHz increment
RF bandwidth 1/2/4/8MHz
RF power output 45dBm (32 watt)
Encryption/decryption mode AES128 bits(user-defined password)
Modulation COFDM 2K
Transfer rate 2x30 Mbit/s uplink and downlink
RF connector N type *2
Ethernet Standard RJ45 port *2
Serial port RS232 serial port
Baud rate 115200bps maximum
Two way audio Aviation plug
LCD panel with keypad Easy to set the related parameters
Dimension 320*210*110mm
Weight 8.7kg
Transmit distance 10~20 km NLOS / 20~40km LOS on ground level; 60km from air to ground


Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits 0


Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits 1




  • Wireless mesh networking;
  • High-speed wireless ground to ground NLOS transmission;
  • Long range high-speed UAV / Air to ground mobile transmission;
  • Emergency communication;
  • Border security & Defense;
  • Monitoring & Surveillance.



Two Way COFDM IP Transmitter For Fire Fighting Drone Video AES 128 bits 2


Long Range IP Transceiver Highlight:


1. Advancement: FDD-COFDM technology, with fast-moving, ultra-wideband, and fully transparent transmission.

2. Security: private network, private transport protocol, sole synchronization code and AES encryption.

3. Flexibility: transparent transmission of IP data channel, supports multi-user access.

4. Scalability: all-digital network, is compatible with all IP data transmission equipment.

5.Technical performance:

1) Multi-frequency network base stations,single base station same frequency network, the same frequency network withbidirectional communication, high spectrum efficiency;

2) Flexible allocation of channel resources to achieve PTP,PTMT (point to point, point to multi-point)and multipoint-to-multipoint two-way communication;

3) Multiple channel bandwidth and a variety of modulation mode function;

4) Flexible FDD slot allocation model to meet a single-frequency but multi-user access, not only save the spectrum but also to reduce power consumption;

5) Spectrum sensing, perception slot, upstream bandwidth sensing function;

6) Strong diffraction ability and anti-multipath capability

7) High-sensitivity receiver.When receive level is -110dBm, can still ensure BER <10E-5 and frame error rate <1%. (powerful error correction capability);

8) Low PAPR, high power amplifier efficiency, low power consumption;

9) Can transmit video audio and etc signals synchronous,high speed.Velocity >600km/h.

10) Digital signal processing, a strong system of confidentiality, stability and reliability.


COFDM advantages:


Strong anti-interference: FDD is effectively against the multipath interference of signal waveform with the COFDM modulation. When the frequency selective fading occurs due to multipath transmission in the channel, only the subcarriers in the band depression and the signal carried by them are affected. The other subcarriers are not affected. Therefore, the overall bit error rate of the system is lower.


Anti-multipath fading: The COFDM Transceiver is effectively against the interference with the multi-carrier technique (COFDM). Compared to the single carrier, multi-carrier inherently resistant to time delay and has strong multipath capability. With joint coding of subcarriers & frequency diversity of the channel, the system’s performance is improved. Therefore, COFDM wireless system is suitable for multi-path environment and fading channel high-speed audio video data transmission.

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